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How to Prepare for the DAT

Thinking about taking the DAT soon? This week's how-to gives insight on what to do and not do in preparation for your DAT, as well as a load of resources to help you!

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✨Register early for the exam and plan three to four months to study (it is recommended 200-250 hours of study/prep time)!

✨Know what to expect on test day! Become familiar with the layout and structure of the DAT. These websites breakdown the components on the test:

- Canadian:

- American:

✨Use online resources like the ones below to help explain topics you are struggling with and reinforce topics you have a good understanding of to help master all information!

✨Practice with full length exams, this will help with understanding of the layout along with test time frame and sections!

✨ Take small breaks in between study sessions! This will help keep your mind focused when studying (every 30 min… take a 5 min break).


✨Spend more time practicing than studying and reading the material. Though practicing is crucial, do not solely dedicate your time to this. Understanding all information is still the most important.

✨Spend too much time trying to memorize every single detail. Details will be tested however make sure you understand the concept and how to apply your knowledge to multiple questions.

✨Just study anywhere. Learn in what type of environment you are most focused and productive and find a spot that matches this. Some prefer to study with background noise and some need complete silence. Do whatever feels best for you!

✨DAT Study Resources for Studying:

DAT Booster: @dat_booster


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