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Quick tips to Strengthen YOUR Dental School Application

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

(1) Coursera is a website that helps pre-dental students build skills and knowledge about dentistry with courses from world-class universities. Two of the most popular courses taken by pre-dental students include: Introduction to Dental Medicine, offered by the University of Pennsylvania and Dentistry 101, offered by the University of Michigan.

Here is the link to access dental related courses on Coursera:

(2) A well-liked blueprint for personal statements is known as the “past, present, and future” formula.

The Past – “the how”: Begin with a brief story from the past. This is typically about an encounter that inspired an interest in the dental field. This story should include imagery and emotion.

The Present – “the what”: This section makes up the largest portion of the essay and is focused on the present. Include extracurricular activities and discuss what you learned and gained from each. It is important to not describe each activity in too much detail.

Future – “the why”: The essay should end with a statement about the future.


(3) To ensure that the person who writes your letter of recommendation writes a terrific letter, it is important you ensure they include all important points. Providing them with a template can help them hit all these points, so that the letter will be as effective and informative as possible.


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